A day of games, talks and live performances.

Isle of Games 002 is a one day event that showcases alternative games and playful media from Iceland and abroad. In the main hall of IÐNÓ you can experience the weird, the beautiful, the artistic, and the cultural side of modern video games and its extended family.


14:00 — Artist Talks

The organizers will introduce the festival, after which we present a series of 5 to 10 minute talks by artists from the games scene, or other disciplines who have come in contact with games.

15:30 — Game Exhibition Opens

After the talks, we will open the game exhibition. 9 new games made by Iceland-based creators, and one international commission. Each game will be presented in a custom installation.

20:00 — Live Games Live Music

In the evening, we open the stage with live game performances. With local musicians, we create an experimental improvisation using music, poetry or comedy, rooted in video games.

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Isle of Games is a diverse group of individuals exploring the intersection between games and art. The group consists of game developers, artists and other people who are passionate about the weird, the beautiful, the artistic, and the cultural side of video games and their extended family.

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