Accessibility at Iðnó - English

Please reach out to us with any concerns or if you find any of the information to be incorrect or incomplete.

Here you will find accessibility information for the space. This information is based on a text used by Sunnusalur during their residency at Iðnó.


Nearest bus stop: Bus 1, 6, 11 and 14 stop 100 metres from entrance - Ráðhúsið.

Parking: Nearest parking garage is Ráðhúsið parking. For further parking info please check parking zones on Google Maps.

Disabled drivers: Aside from parking garages, there is one parking spot on Laekjagata close to IÐNÓ that is reserved for disabled drivers.

Building Entrance

Isle of games will take place on the 1st floor of IÐNÓ.

Narrowest space a person would have to get through:

1st floor: 150cm.

2nd floor: 80 cm.

Accessing the main entrance:

IÐNÓ has ramps leading up to the main entrance from left and right (width 100cm, +20cm with margin). There is not a buzzer for the main entrance. There are support railings along each ramp, adjacent to the building. There are no railings between the ramp and the pavement. Directly facing the doorway is a single step up to the front door, height from pavement to top of ramp/step 17 cm.

Automatic door opener

Outside, left to the front door there is an automatic door opener which is temporarily out of order.

Inside, left to the entrance there is an automatic door opener that is working.

Width of main entrance: 170 cm, with both double doors opened outwards. The right door opens with an entrance width of 80 cm.

Opening the doors: The doors opens outwards. There is a handle on the right-hand door, which opens first. There is an uneven bump in the door at the threshold, max height 2 cm.

Flooring in entrance: Linoleum

Access to 2nd floor

You reach Sunnusalur through the foyer, the stairs, and/or a lift and short corridor.


On entering the front doors, you are in the foyer. This is an entrance space with a drinks bar on the right hand side. The entrance to the lifts and stairs to the second floor is around the bar, through the door in the back left corner of the foyer.

Flooring in foyer: Wooden floorboards.

Distance from front door to corridor: Approx 6-7 metres.

Are there are handrails or seats along the foyer: No handrails, there are seats in the space immediately to left and right of foyer.

Lighting in the foyer: Ceiling lights. During evening, these may be dimmed.

Doorway to stairs and lift: double doors, opening inwards. Doorway usually remains open. Single width 62 cm, full width with both doors open 102 cm.

There is another doorway without a door that leads to the lift, width: 80 cm.

Stairs: single staircase from first floor to second. Entrance to stairs is wooden floor, carpeted. Stairs are wooden and carpeted along the middle. Stairs are 141 cm in width, and 17.5 cm in height. Stairs curve around 180 degrees, and are uneven in depth. Largest depth of stair is 64.5 cm, to right hand side. The narrowest depth of the stair is to the left, 12.5 cm. There is a handrail to right of stair, varying from 72 cm - 95 cm from each stair/ground. Total steps from first to second floor are 19. Entrance to Sunnusalur is directly in front of top of stairs. Floor length from top of stairs to Sunnusalur entrance, 142 cm.

Lift: accessible lift from first floor to second. Entrance to lift is wooden floor and carpeting. Entrance located to right of stairwell, through short corridor, narrowest part of it is 80cm wide. Lift door is white, opens automatically and outwards. Entrance to lift 90 cm. Lift space 138 cm x 98 cm. Lift has no ceiling. Operated by buttons on inside left side of lift, height 95 cm from lift floor. The buttons have to be pressed while going up and down. On reaching 2nd floor, lift door opens inwards onto carpeted corridor.

Second floor corridor to Sunnusalur: Sunnusalur entrance is along short corridor, exit right when leaving lift, go through a 90 cm wide doorway, and turn left at top of stairwell. Length from lift to Sunnusalur entrance approx  350 cm. Floor is flat and carpeted. Raised threshold in corridor 2 cm high. From the elevator exit to the wall facing it there is a 145 cm space.

Sunnusalur entrance: Double doors opening outwards. To remain open during community drop-in hours. Width of entrance with both doors open 111 cm, with one door 62 cm. Raised doorway threshold into room 1 cm high.


There is one accessible toilet and it is unisex. It is located on the first (entrance-level) floor, to the left of the stairs and lift. This is one floor below Sunnusalur. On entering the toilet, the sink is directly in front of the door, and the toilet is to your right.

Doorway to toilet: width 85 cm. Single door opens inwards, push down handle on each side of door. Door locks from inside using key.

Height of sink: Sink is 85 cm high

Taps: Tap is a screwed system with hot and cold separate.

Height of toilet: Toilet is 50 cm high

Type of flush: Pull button flush top centre of cistern.

Location of toilet paper: Toilet rolls are in holder on wall to right of toilet, 80 cm up from floor.

Handrails: There is one on the right hand side.

Lightswitch: Inside toilet to your right, 112 cm. Push switch.

Turn space around the toilet: 95 cm x 120 cm x 90 cm. From the toilet it self there is 85 cm space to left side wall and 22 cm space to the right side.

On the second floor, there are 3 smaller toilets along the corridor to the right when exiting Sunnusalur, past the lift. The toilets are unisex. These are less accessible due to size. Narrowest width of corridor to access toilets is 82cm. Doorway entrance to each toilet 75 cm to sinks, 65 cm to enter to toilet. Inside toilet space 100 cm width.